What if you deserved better?


Who would you be if the voice inside your head that’s been telling your that there’s something wrong with you, went quiet?

If you knew with absolute certainty that you were good enough and worthy of love, kindness and good things?

Thing is, it’s going to take more than positive or wishful thinking to change it; willpower is an exhaustible resource that you cannot sustain in the long run. 

Permanent change needs to happen deeper than that.

What I do

As your self-esteem and self-worth increases, things change.

You start feeling more comfortable in your own skin and more confident.  You stand up for and care about yourself more, and are able to say ‘Yes’ to life and ‘No to bullshit.  You start making those tough decisions that you’ve been putting off forever, and you start finding ways to nourish, nurture yourself and your dreams.

Generally and even though you can’t explain it, you feel more relaxed, no longer needing to be on-guard 24/7, and you just know that you’ll be able to cope with anything that life brings, the ups and the downs.

That’s what I do.  I specialise in helping you experience the truth of your worthiness and enough-ness, and I use Energy Psychology to do it.


 There are a wide range of symptoms when you feel unworthy.

Driven to prove your worth by any means necessary, even if it means sacrificing your health, relationship and dreams.

Feeling a compulsion to  ‘have’ to do things for others / becoming a doormat or martyr and deeply resenting it (although you’ll never show it; you might not even admit this to yourself.)

Ashamed about how you look, feel & think.

Reacting strongly and/or becoming defensive about anything that looks or smells like criticism.


You were probably not born doubting or disliking yourself, which means that you must have learnt it somewhere,

Children’s brainwaves and capacity are different to those of adults, and they learn largely by observation.

That means that when they are told or shown that they are unlovable or deficient in any way, they believe it, and then take that belief with them into adulthood where it creates havoc and much pain.

You don’t have to have suffered extreme abuse as a child to have been adversely affected by it; sometimes a well-meant comment can cause as much harm as a violent one.



Memory reconsolidation (MR) is the mechanism through which the brain changes outdated beliefs.

Energy Psychology (EP) neutralises even severe trauma by calming down the stress centre in the brain (the amygdala) which then calms down the nervous system.

Matrix Reimprinting (MX) is a gentle technique that helps you rewire the brain to process significant and painful events of the past.

Combining EP, MR and MX allows you to undo the damage caused by the things that happened in your past, to feel worthy and excited about your future.


I am Bennie Naudé.  Life has thrown me some fairly serious curve balls over the years, and like you, I’ve survived them all.

In the process, my capacity for compassion has deepened, as has my ability to listen (also for what is not being said) and to facilitate change.

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to London when I was 27, where I spent 17 years, traveling around the world and teaching extensively.  I discovered Energy Psychology in 2003, and have since done over 1000 sessions for many clients. I have also facilitated workshops and retreats for thousands of people in 15 countries and was an Energy Psychology trainer for many years.

Now living back in South Africa I consult in the area of graduate development programmes, created a programme to help people to overcome their fear of public speaking and find their voice, and continue to see clients in private practice.


During our work together, you can expect:

To be treated with kindness, patience and skill.

Not to have to relive or share anything personal or painful.

To not be pushed or cajoled into something that you’re not ready for.

To feel and think differently, without needing to use force or willpower.

For me to believe in you absolutely, as I only take on clients where I think we have every chance of success.

My absolute attention, as I only take on a maximum of five clients at a time.

For me to facilitate your process rather than me give advice or pretend to have the answers for you.

To be absolutely responsible for the changes you want to see and do the homework assignments required to cement our work together.



how it works

Your on-line sessions will be weekly, for an hour.  

Cost per session:

  • R1250 if you live in Africa
  • £125 if you live in the UK
  • €120 if you live in Europe
  • $200 if you live in New Zealand
  • $225 if you live in Australia
  • $250 if you live in the USA

Payment plans are available if you need it.  If you’re country of residence isn’t listed, get in touch.

All 6 sessions are payable upfront.



Let’s have a conversation about how we might work together.

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